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Waterfall Car Phone Holder – Innovative design for a clear sight journey!

Waterfall Car Phone Holder – Innovative design for a clear sight journey!

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Introducing Car Phone Holder Stand with Gravity Dashboard support – a cutting-edge solution for hands-free convenience and style on the road. Designed to be universally compatible with devices like iPhone, Xiaomi, and Samsung, this holder boasts a distinctive waterfall-shaped design, ensuring an unobstructed view.

Key Features

Gravity Dashboard Support

Enjoy a secure and stable hold with gravity dashboard support, providing peace of mind during your drives.

Waterfall-Shaped Design

The unique waterfall-shaped phone mount adds a touch of style and ensures that your sight remains unblocked.

Stable and Slidable

Experience stability combined with flexibility – the holder remains secure while allowing easy adjustments for optimal viewing.

Nano Suction Cup

The nano suction cup ensures a strong grip, and with a simple rinse, it's ready for reuse, making it an eco-friendly choice.

One-Press to Lock, One-Key to Release

Effortlessly lock your phone in place with one press, and release it just as easily with a simple key press.

Adjustable Long Arm

The long arm can be easily adjusted up to 240 degrees, allowing customization without blocking your view while driving.

360° Rotation Support

Enjoy full 360-degree rotation support, providing flexibility for landscape or portrait orientation as needed.

Upgrade your driving experience with our feature-packed Car Phone Holder Stand – where functionality meets innovation for a secure and stylish solution on the road.

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