Best Wireless/Bluetooth Earphones & Headphones in India

Technology has evolved a lot in the last year. I still remember the time when I would play songs now on my Sony Walkman and back to 2017 where every other person has a phone capable of playing music.

Things have changed and also the way we consume media. From heavy bulky headphones to wireless Earphones and Earbuds. Bluetooth Earphones which earlier were only used by fitness enthusiast is now used by everyone. The price is also quite affordable too. 

So, we thought to cover the best wireless/bluetooth earphones in India as of 2017.


How does a wireless/bluetooth earphones work?

Most wireless earphones connect to your phone using bluetooth. These days every phone has bluetooth. You need to pair your earphones first before using them. This can be done by long pressing the button on your phone.

Some even have NFC which let’s you pair them just by tapping them.

While it’s a tedious process, there is no alternative. There are very few smart earbuds out there which have their own chip.

One example is the Apple AirPods which contains the W1 chip.

Apple says -

The new W1 chip from Apple is designed to facilitate a connection to Apple devices with just the tap of a on screen button on your iPhone. Simply turn on the headphones, make sure they’re near your phone, and follow the instructions that appear on your screen, assuming you have BlueTooth enabled.

Ya, simple as that.

What to look in a Bluetooth earbuds before buying?

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    Battery - Battery life is the most important thing to worry about. Charging so many devices including your phone can be a big hassle. So, if you listen to a lot of songs consider checking the battery life of the buds.
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    Bass or No Bass - Not all earphones pack a great amount of bass. So, choose an earbud accordingly.
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    Controls- Make sure to check if all the controls are available in your bluetooth earphones.

Let’s have a look at the popular Bluetooth earphones in India- 

1. Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds -

Mi has conquered the Indian smartphone market by a storm. Not that their products are bad or something, they are extremely affordable. Take the example Redmi Note 4, best at its price.

Longevity is still an issue.

They make some great accessories too. Take the example of their Fitness Band or the Mi Router, they are best at that price point.

Another great example is the Mi Wireless Bluetooth Earphones , best at its price.

Ok.But wait?

Wireless Earphones? When did it launch?

Most of the people might not know that such an product exists. Yes, it does. No you won’t get on Amazon or Flipkart. You can only buy it on GearBest and few other sites.

Warning- If you like bass in your music, these earphones are not for you.

The earphone will cost you 21$ or 1350 INR. This makes these earphones the cheapest on the market.

The build quality is good. Inside the box you get a -

1 x Xiaomi Earbuds
5 x Pair of Ear Tips
1 x Charge Cable
1 x Chinese User Manual

There are tons of earbuds to fit your ear.

The design of the earphones are unique and premium. It’s no less than a pair of sony wireless earbuds. Better looking than boat wireless earbuds you get on Flipkart.

Coming to the battery life, it contains a 100mAh which can give you easily 4 hours of battery life. Not the best to be honest.

Coming to the sound quality. It’s for people which love to listen classic music. While it gets loud but its lacks the punch.

So buy it accordingly.

These are sweat resistant, this means you can easily take it to gym.

You can check the price using the link.

2. Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones-

Do you hate earphones? Are you looking for a wireless bluetooth headhone?

If your answer is Yes. Then the Boat Rockerz is your answer.

One of the best selling wireless headphone, the device has over 5000+ reviews on Amazon.

It comes in 5 different colours. Just for side note, every color is priced differently.

Black is the cheapest 😛 .

The looks are okay, same as an regular headphone. You can’t expect much either at this price point.

Just for a fun fact, Boat’s products are best sellers in both wireless and wired earphones on Amazon. I own both of them and I can’t to be more happy.

It packs in the punch too. Bass heads will love the headphones.

It also has active noise cancellation, which works okay not that great. So, if you travel a lot in metro etc, it is quite handy.

The company says-

Silence the noise from your daily commute or the drama from your loud neighbors with passive noise cancelling in the headphone.

The controls are presents on the side of the ear cups itself. You can play/pause and change the volume using the controls. You can also connect an Aux cable. This is can be quite handy which is often neglected.

The headphones are adjustable, you can also fold them so you can easily carry them around.

You also get an standard 1 year of warranty too.

You can buy the headphones from here. One of the best affordable headphones on the market. Don’t hesitate twice before buying this beauty.

​3. Meizu EP51 Bluetooth Sports Earbuds HiFi with Mic Support Hands-free Calls -

These are one of my favourite. I don’t like heaphones, I love earphones.

If you are looking for an affordable pair of bass heavy wireless earphones then the Meizu earphones are the best.

It has all the important things a wireless earphone should have. Great looks and battery life makes the Meizu EP51 best at its price point.

Sadly you won’t find it on Amazon or Flipkart. Same as the Mi Wireless Bluetooth earphone’s you can only buy on Gearbest and bunch of other site’s.

I love the silver and red colour. It also comes in bunch of other colour’s too. These are sweat resistant, this means you can easily take it to gym.

Don’t expect more than 4 hours of battery at max volume. It contains a 60mAh battery. It has a built-in apt-X digital audio compression algorithm technology, brings you brilliant sound.

You can use them to call too.

You also get bag to carry your earphone around. It works on Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

You can buy from here.

​4. Mivi Thunder Beats Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Stereo Sound and Hands-free Mic

Mivi is another very cool brand that have come up in India. They make some of the coolest accessories. Be it powerbank or USB cables, majority of their products are quite sturdy and well designed. They look stunning.

Same is the case with the Thunder Beats.

It comes in a single Gun Metal Color ( They are not made by OnePlus 😛 ).

These are quite minimalist in design and sturdy too. The company claims a 7 hrs of playback time but don’t expect full 7 hours, 4-5 hours at max volume.

This earbuds packs the punch too. So if you like to hear to bass heavy earphones, you will love these pair of earphones too.

Some great features -

Magnetic Lock
Magnetic Lock helps to keep the earphones in place preventing them from falling when not in use.

Dual pairing

Dual pairing allows to seamlessly connect two devices at the same time for double the entertainment.

There is also little bit of noise cancellation. These are IPX4 sweat proof, means that you can easily take them to the gym.

With these you get adjustable clips as well as a compact carrying case which is quite handy. You can easily charge them too.

Overall Mivi Thunderbeats is a great product to buy. Kudos to Mivi for making such beautiful wireless earphones.

​5. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Earbuds with Mic -

Skullcandy have always been great with the audio products. With wireless speakers to wired earphones, they make some the best mobile accessories.

Skullcandy Ink’d is one of their cheaper wireless earphones. They come in a very unique design. It has a collar design unlike all the other earphones we covered.

Skullcandy never disappoints with color options, the Indk’d comes with 5 different colors. Red & Black and Royal Blue to name a few. I love the all gray black color model.

These are some the lightest earbuds I have tested, coming at only 24 grams. The company claims 8 hours of battery life, but at higher volume levels don’t expect more than 5-6 hours. You also get a USB charging cable with this one.

The built-in mic and remote manage your calls and music on these Bluetooth buds with the built-in mic and remote featuring call, track and volume control.

Overall it's an affordable earphones to buy especially if you love bass.

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