Best Smart Watches in India 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

In this fast running world, everybody is running behind technology. In this rush many company are coming up with the new gadgets whereas some are coming with the new advancement in the similar technology.

Similarly, Watches nowadays are becoming smarter and smarter. Earlier it was just used to see time. But later it start showing date also, then digital display came into existence, now it’s level is so much up that your watch is just like a wearable computer.
Hence we thought to pick the best smartwatches you can buy in India. Hope you enjoy it.


What is a Smart Watch?

Smart watch is smart device or you may call it a electronic bracelet, in short which is much smarter than the basic one allowing you to do various task on your watch itself. All the basic mobile application can be operated through your smartwatch. It has a similar operating system that you are using in your smartphone. It has all the features which will make your life easier.

Why a Smart Watch?

There are many reasons for buying a smartwatch but it solely depends on you for what reasons you need a smartwatch.

First ultimate reason to buy a smartwatch is its look or appealing look in more precise form. If you are a student or a working professional, this smartwatch will make you stand out of the crowd.It can be weared in any occasion such as professional meeting, family get together or any other special occasion, it would add to your personality.

You don't need you take out your phone all the times and can do basic stuff with ease and at your comfort. This is again another important reason for buying a smartwatch.

Why Smartwatch over a Fitness band ?

Smartwatch is capturing the market at a greater pace with many advancement coming every year. There are many things which you can’t do in a fitness band. Actually both are quite different but people usually get confused between these two. So, here I am going to explain all minute detail about fitness band and smartwatch.

  • In both fitness band and smartwatch, you can see time and date, as both of them has display screen.
  • Usually screen size of fitness band is smaller than smartwatch.
  • Most commonly you can see your mobile notification in both fitness band and smartwatch but you can only entertain all those notification in smartwatch only.
  • In term of battery life, smartwatch has a downside in comparison to the fitness band. Fitness band, once charged can last for a week but in case of smartwatch you need to charge it in a day or two. But this need to be compromised as they are offering more features so it will consume more battery.
  • Many smartwatch offers all the features of fitness band. So, owing that smartwatch fulfill the need of Fitness band. Fitness band is just focused on Fitness tracking but smartwatch is focused on many things.
  • Nowadays, fitness band are coming at a cheaper rates but smartwatch are quite expensive in comparison to fitness band.
  • Smartwatch offer many features like call, attaining Notifications, Music, Bluetooth, Wifi , GPS and many more which you normally don't find in a fitness band.

What to look for in a Smart Watch?

There are some basic thing which you must see before buying any smartwatch. As different brand come with different model targeting various section of people. So, this section of my article would be of great help for your buying.

Some of the featur​​​es you will find in a SmartWatch


One of the main reason for buying a smartwatch is its stylish look. So, compromising with it would be a bad step in your buying. In design there are various thing to be taken care of like form factor, dial shape (rectangular, round), colour and overall look. The strap of your smartwatch also plays a vital role in your smartwatch look.

Display Type

There are various type of display technology being used in manufacturing screen of smartwatch such as AMOLED, E-Paper (Black and White), P-OLED and transflective LCD. Now you need to decide among it.

Water Proof or NOT?

For smartwatch it is a must. Because Humans are prone to making mistakes. So, You might not be wanting that your expensive smartwatch get damaged by water contacts. So, if your smartwatch is waterproof then even if you swim or take shower or get wet in rain , It wouldn’t be of any matter of concern relating to your smartwatch.

Screen Size

Some people goes for bigger screen and some goes for small sized screen. So, you should think about it according to your physique and your need. Every model of smartwatch has their own screen size. You have many option to select from.


You can access many of the features and data through your smartphone by just having an app that come with your smartwatch. So, You must download their app from PlayStore and check it’s User Interface and its compatibility with your smartphone. And you should also check how user friendly the app is.

Battery Life

Battery should be the rechargeable one. Don’t expect much in terms of battery life of smartwatch. As they are like small smartphone so their battery consumption is also high. But you can still check battery in term of mAh. Usually it comes with 300-400 mAh battery and last for two to three days.

Here are some of the best smart watches in India -

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit

This is another best product by the Xiaomi. What i love the most in this brand is the specs which it provide in the budget price range. If you are thinking of buying a good smartwatch but money is a constraint then you must go for it as it provide decent features in the lower price segment as compared to the other smartwatch available in the market.

Now How it look?
Its black and orange color combination really look amazing. It will go with any dress you are wearing and will add up to your personality. The quality of the strap is also very good and will make you feel comfortable in wearing it. It’s just weight 55 gram. So, you need not need to worry about its look in any way.

Yeah, It is IP67 water resistant. You need not need to worry about the sudden water splash.

What about the Battery Life?
It has 280 mAh rechargeable battery which can easily last for 5 days with normal use but the company promises more.

It has a dual core 1.2GHz processor decent enough for normal use.
It has 512 MB ram and 4 GB ROM. This will allow you to store songs and other file in your smartwatch itself. Isn't it interesting?


  • You will get the notification from the app from which you want to get the notifications. In the app coming with this smartwatch, you can easily customize the app choice for notification.
  • It has a GPS. So, tracking your phone and other location related issue get solved if you have this smartwatch.
  • You can easily connect your wireless speaker or wireless headphone with this smartwatch as it has Bluetooth feature too.
  • plus
    It has Wifi which allows you to surf internet on your smartwatch itself but you can do basic stuff only.

All the above things might flaunt you buy this smartwatch but should also know about the downside of this smartwatch.

The app running on your smartwatch might be slow. The heart rate monitor doesn't work well in heavy intensity workout. The screen on and off button is too small to find in normal usage. The Notification System is not that great.

Samsung Gear S3

This smartwatch comes from an elite brand of India and you can easily buy their smartwatch from various e commerce. Its premium and classy look with keep you stunned in the first sight. It comes with many Advanced features and will make life more easier and comfortable.

Now How it looks?
Its silver and black colour combination is good enough for any age group and any occasion. You are going to spend a good amount of money in buying it. So, i think design wouldn’t be any issue for anybody. It is 63 gram in weight with thickness of 12.9mm. It display is about 1.3 inch, good enough considering it's a smartwatch. Its strap is made up of classic leather which will make your wearing comfortable. It has a OLED screen and screen resolution is 320x320 pixels. Its user interface is superb. You will get in love with it.

Is it water resistant?
It is IP68 rated waterproof which means you can easily submerge it under 1.5 m in water for 30 minutes but a advice from our side, never try this stunt with your smartwatch. It might risk your smartwatch.

What about the Battery Life?
It comes with a rechargeable battery of 380 mAh which is one of the best in smartwatches. On a single charge we can use it for two days which is good enough considering its specs and features it provide.

It comes with 768 MB RAM which is more than what a good smartwatch provide. It provide 4 GB internal storage or ROM whatever you may say. But you can’t use any external storage card with it. It runs on TIZEN based wearable platform 2.3.2.


  • You can easily pair your smartwatch with android but with IOS you might face some problem sometime.
  • Storage could be a issue for some people.
  • It claims to be waterproof but in some case you may find problem in switching on your smartwatch.
  • It runs on Tizen so might not find wide variety of app for your smartwatch.
  • Few might feel it very large on their wrist but for some it would be a plus point.

LG Watch Style

Lg Watch style is not cheap nor best smartwatch but still you will feel attached when you will start using it. Its demand in the market is very high. This smartwatch was launched on 9th February 2017. So, If you really want a smartwatch to buy then must give a look to it specs and look.

Now How it look?
It is also round shaped dial smartwatch with Italian Genuine leather strap. It comes with P-OLED display and one scroller cum button on the side. The screen resolution is 360 x 360 pixel and 299 ppi which is considered high resolution in smartwatches. It’s look is normal and black colour make it wearable in any occasion.

The dial is made up of Stainless steel with top of Gorilla glass. It comes in three colour variant as Titanium, Rose Gold and Silver. The dimension of this smartwatch is 42.3 x 45.7 x 10.8mm. It sleek and attractive design will really goes well with any dress code.

Is it water resistant?
It is IP67 rated smartwatch in terms of water resistant. You shouldn’t wear while swimming and diving. You can but at your own risk.

What about the Battery Life?
It comes with 240 mAh battery which is good enough to run your smartwatch for one day in one full charge. But there are many other smartwatch which offer better battery life than this.

It comes with 512mb of RAM and 4GB of internal memory which is good enough for smartwatch as already mentioned above. It has 1.1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100 processor which gives you faster processing. It runs on Android Wear 2.0 operating system.


  • The Android OS is not completely Optimised for the new Qualcomm processor.
  • It does not have a speaker.
  • The battery backup is disappointing with various app running on the smartwatch drain the battery faster.
  • The Vibration for notification or other alert is not that prominent.

Apple Watch 3

This is my personal favourite. Apple is itself a style statement for rich. If you have good budget then do invest on this great smartwatch. It is the predecessor of the apple watch series 2 with many new features and advancement. It is more faster than the past series model.

Now How it look?
Its look more like a rectangular small smartphone on your wrist. It has a 312 x 390 pixel display which is bigger than many and good enough for using it. It has a OLED display. It has a 1000 nits of brightness by which you are not going to face any viewing difficulties, in low light or high intensity light surrounding. The display supports forced touch .

So, you can access any menu or any other interaction just by pressing hard on the smartwatch screen. The height and width of the Apple Smartwatch Screen is 1.51 inch and 1.31 inch. It has silicone strap and dial is made up of Aluminium.

Is it water resistant?
It claims to be water resistant and can be submerged 50 m underwater with harming your smartwatch.

What about the Battery Life?
Battery life is decent but with the LTE you might get less battery backup.It has a rechargeable Li-ion battery. You will get 1m magnetic charging cable for charging it.

It has 16GB internal memory and 768 MB of RAM. It's better than many other smartwatches.It comes with dual core processor which really make it faster. It runs on Watch OS 4. Once charged then can be easily used for more than 15 hours.


  • Sometime Siri stop responding.
  • It takes log time for apple music streaming.
  • There is a need of dedicated app for using LTE.
  • LTE is ruining the battery usage.


Hope you liked the article. Smart Watch is not a necessity but still there's no problem in buying one. Make sure to comment below the best smart watch.

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