About Me

Gaurav Kumar

Hello readers

​It my pleasure that you thought of reading about me. I am Gaurav Kumar, a frustrated Engineering student trying to explore different field with the little knowledge I have. By mistake owner of this blog.

Why phoneaddons?

This blog is all about different things that will add to your phone look and features. My primary concern is ... phone case that doesnt mean only cases.

In todays world, everybody is having a cellphone and many among them are also using phone case. Many people want to explore different type of case and give there phone a new look. Some goes for the case just for the protection. So, I started this blog to make my reader explore different types of cases available for there phone. i am not adding one case style with different print because in today's world everybody wants something new and different.

This is starter, soon i am going to going to come up with different additive flavor that you can add to phone.   

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