Best Power Banks in India 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, the most important accessory for a smartphone is a power bank. It is really needed in this fast running world. People spend most of their day outside their home, so charging their phone is a big hassle.
For these situation a power bank can come in quite handy.

Are you looking to buy a power bank? Then this the complete buyer's guide for power banks in India. We have listed all the best power banks below for your reference.

There are many types of people who are in a great need of this product like-

  1. Traveller
  2. Field worker
  3. Mobile Game lover
  4. Extensive phone user

What is a power bank?

Power Bank contains a rechargeable Lithium polymer battery. It is a gadget using which you can charge your phone instantly.

Why should you buy a Power Bank for yourself ?

Consider yourself in a situation, when your phone is only 5% charge and you need to go out somewhere, it may be a party, hospital or somewhere else. At such situations carrying phone is useless. Even you carry your phone you can’t do anything with it.
Right? No power means, it will only act as a paper weight.

But if you have a power bank in that situation you are good to go.

Other reasons to buy a power bank - 

  • check
    You are on a trekking, you don't have access to power socket for long time. If you have power bank then you can easily carry it by charging it beforehand.
  • check
    You are on a long train journey.
  • check
    Your phone does’nt gives you good battery backup.
  • check
    You are using your phone GPS to find your path any your phone try to play with you.
  • check
    You are on a mountain top and trying to take a selfie but your phone battery is making faces on you.
  • check
    You are watching a movie on your phone at your comfort and you don't have power source nearby.
  • check
    You are playing game and a worst thing happens at that time. You phone’s battery is low.

Features of Power Banks

Power Banks are portable. It can carried by you anywhere as you carry your smartphone. It act as a power backup for your phone and can be used in the time of so called emergency.

You also get a torch inbuilt in some power banks. Very handy is some situations even when all phones have a LED flash these days.

Most power banks have multiple outputs , this means you can charge more than one device at a time. Some power banks have capacity of more than 20,000 mAh. This means power will easily last you for more than few days.

Have you heard about the new USB-C powered laptops? Most recent Macbooks and Laptops come equipped with USB-C ports.

Still, what's the big deal? 

You can charge your USB-C laptops using a power bank. How cool is that, charging a laptop using a power bank.

What to look for when buying a power bank?

While buying a power bank you should consider many things-

  • plus
  • plus
    No. of ports
  • plus
    Power output
  • plus


Choose Capacity according to your usage. 

If you do a lot of travelling , a 10,000 mAh power bank is more than sufficient. Just keep in mind, more milli-amps more is the weight of the power bank.

For light usage a 5,000 mAh power bank is more than sufficient. All depends on your usage.

If you are looking to charge your tablet then make sure to pick at least a 10,000 mAh power bank, not lesser than that.

Did you know ?

Battery size is denoted in mAh. Its full form is milliampere hour. How powerful is your power bank is known by the mAh that is written on it.

The voltage output of the power bank, generally written on it, should be equal or higher than that of your phone or device.

Did you know ?

Battery size is denoted in mAh. Its full form is milliampere hour. How powerful is your power bank is known that is write on it.

The voltage output of the power bank, generally written on it, should be equal or higher than that of your phone or device.

No. of ports

If you have more than one port then make sure to buy a power bank with more than one port. Also make sure to check if that the output of on both ports are more than 2.1 milli amps.

This way it will both save time and hassle of charging devices one after the other.

Power Output

If you are keeping a smartphone which supports fast charging then it is recommended to buy a power bank whose power output of more than 2.4 milli amps. You don't want to wait for 3+ hours to charge up your phone.

Time is everything 🙂 


People often neglect the weight of the power bank but it is important too. You don't want a power bank to be an extra burden. Like some power bank you can keep in your pocket while other's you can't.

You wouldn't want to keep the power bank in your hand while charging the phone.

So should you buy one?

As you all know everything has both advantages and disadvantages. In case of power bank too it has few disadvantages but are of not much of concern as these are long term effect. Don't worry, nothing serious 🙂

While using power bank usually people get into habit of using it more often even if your battery is not completely dead. So, your battery life of your phone may get affected. Your battery should discharged completely and charged completely for better battery life.

Only few good quality power bank can only provide you the capacity as mentioned.

Most power bank are not so bulky but still add up weight in your daily carrying things.

Let's check out the best power banks you can buy online - 

1. Ambrane P-2000 20800 mAh Power Bank


First thing which come to everyone’s mind is the brand. As brand decides the quality and trust. So, Let me tell you about the brand ambrane. It's a leading power bank company in India.

Besides power bank, the company also manufacture other gadgets too like Bluetooth speaker, Tablets and many more. Its provide a quality product at affordable price and people like their products. Its products are easily available on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Coming back to the Ambrane P-2000 power bank, it is decently priced. Its 20800 mAh power allows you to charge your phone more than four times which is a great thing.It is a rectangular shaped power bank mostly made up of plastic. Its comes in white colour with little black touch which make it look funky.
So, overall the power bank is good enough in terms of look and price.

Here’s comes the features which you must know before buying it.

Ambrane P-2000 power bank has a Li ion battery which is very much recommended.

Its 20800 mah battery which quite much sufficient for a long traveller. Usually 10000 mah to 15000 mah is quite decent for a normal usage people.

It has three output ports with different output specifications. One port has a specification of 5V and 1 amp. And other two ports with specification of 5V and 2.1 amps.

 I would recommend to see your charger specification before deciding and using a specific port.

It is compatible with most of the smartphones. You can easily charge your phones and tablets too using the power bank.

Its dimensions are 181 x 124 x 38 mm which is larger than other power banks of lesser capacity.

Its weight is approx 600 grams which is a serious thing you should take in consideration. Its is bulkier than most other power banks. You need to compromise if you want power bank of this capacity.

This power bank need more than 20 hours to charge it full. Which is again a point you need to compromise because of battery capacity.


  • check
    Overcharge Protection
  • check
    LED indicator
  • check


  • exclamation-circle

PhoneAddons Verdict

This power bank is  best suited for people who travel for days together. If you don't mind the extra burden then the power bank is perfect for you.

2. Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank


Intex is one of the best accessories manufacturer in India. Earlier it only used to make accessories. But now it has started making smartphones too. I am personally using a Intex speaker for a year now and I did not regret my purchase.

So, I would totally recommend the brand. You can easily find their products on Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal.

Intex IT-PB11K power bank is one of the best selling power bank with a battery capacity of 11000 mAh. You can easily charge your phone more then twice for sure when it is fully charged. It comes in two in two colour variants black and white. It is mostly made up of plastic. I am fan of its black colour invariant but white colour is also not bad.

Now below are some of the feature which you must consider before buying it.

It’s 11000 mAh battery is quite decent for everyday use as you can charge your phone more than thrice if your phone battery is of 2500 mAh which is quite decent for casual users.

It comes with three ports which allows you to charge three device at a time. This feature is most often needed in daily day to day uses. One of the port give output as 5V/1amp and other two ports give output of 5V/2.1amps. One ampere port is meant for the mp3 player and Ipods. Through other two ports you can easily charge your phone and tablets.

One things that is impressive in this device is no heating issue even if you use three ports at a time.

Another feature of this power bank is flash light which can become a companion in your travelling.

The dimension of the powerbank is 142x63x26mm which is not so big. Can be easily carried with your phone.

Now the time is discuss the cons. As of these product the cons are not so dominating. So, can be easily overlooked.

Weight of this power bank is approx 300 grams. So, it can be issue for some people else it's fine.

Another issue is that after a year of use of this power bank, it don't give that efficiency as it was giving initially. That a normal but still it can be regarded as cons for this product.

Charging this power bank will take about 6 hours to complete charge.

PhoneAddons Verdict

This is good product for daily use and one the best in this price range. A must pick for light users 🙂 

3. Lenovo PA13000 13000 mAh Power Bank


Lenovo brand doesn't need any introduction still for some let's introduce it briefly. Its a chinese multinational company with a huge name in the market. Recently, it purchased motorola. It’s phone in the market are getting sold like anything and quality wise too they are one of the best in their industry. They manufacture manything like power banks, phone and many more devices. You can easily find their product online as well as offline.

Lenovo PA13000 power bank is again one of the bestselling in the market and the brand name linked to it might can give you more trust and satisfaction with its purchase. Its 13000 mah capacity is good enough for charging your phone more than thrice when your power bank is fully charged. Again this powerbank is also made up of plastic.

Overall this product is good enough to be bought. I think that might be the reason, it is in our list. :-p

Let’s brief you some features which you will get in this powerbank.

It comes with 13000 mah capacity which is good enough for your daily use. It is not the best but still decent at that price. One more thing to be considered is if you want more capacity then you will have to face consequences in terms of its increased weight.

As all other power banks it can also be used with all the phone brands.This is amazing.

Another important thing is number of ports. This power bank has two output ports which is good but yeah other power banks has more than two ports. But one thing is good that for both, output configuration is 5V/2.1 ampere.

The dimension of this power bank is 141 x 64 x 22 mm.

There are some other features which is included in this powerbank like overcurrent protection, led indicators, over discharge protections and overcharge protection. These features seems useless but they very important for your phone and powerbank in long run.

One special feature is Fast charging which comes in few powerbank only.

The compatible devices are digital camera, media player, Mobile phone and tablet.

Few of the cons are listed below but are of no use if you are satisfied with the above listed features.

The power bank takes about 7 hours to full charge. It might seems as a cons but it need to compromised.

It weigh 400 grams which could be a issue for some but again compromise.

PhoneAddons Verdict

I would recommend this power bank just because of fast charging as now a days many phone are coming with fast charging.

4. Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10000mAh


Xiaomi is one the leading company in the field of mobile and related accessories. Their mobile phones are great and value for money. Like their phone , they also manufactures accessories. You can easily find their product online on their official website.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10000 mAh ( lenovo wala thoda dekh lai basv ) has came to the market with few new features added as upgrade to its predecessor. You might be curious about the new features. It is more slimmer to get things started. Fast charging speed is one of the best features to have. It comes in a aluminium metal case. Looks are killer but only the weight is an issue. It has Li polymer battery which is long lasting.

Let's discuss some of the features of this powerbank which you must consider before buying this power bank.

It comes with 10000 mAh which is lesser than the capacity of other powerbank which we reviewed. Actually it gives a power of 6900 mah in reality which is less than its specified on the power bank. All power bank does , so no worries.

Again like other power bank it is also compatible with devices of all brands.

The power bank has a new technology called fast charging 2.0 which can be found in very few power banks online. This fast charging works in two ways that means you can charge both power bank and mobile phone with fast charging features.

Another important features in this powerbank is the pass through charging. In pass through charging you can charge your phone while charging the powerbank. This is also one one of the unique feature that comes with the Xiaomi 2 Power Bank.

Another important feature is low power energy feature. It means sometime when we charge devices like wireless bluetooth speaker, bracelet etc which need lower power we need to use this feature otherwise you can’t.

This powerbank comes with many safety features which includes Temperature Resistance, Reset Mechanism, Protection from Short Circuit, Input Overvoltage Protection, Protection from Output Overcurrent, Protection from Incorrect Insertion, Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge, Output Overvoltage Protection, PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell.

It automatically start charging your phone whenever your phone is connected with the power bank. If device is not detected then it will turn off after 30 seconds.

The powerbank is slim and sleek with only 14.1mm thickness. I think this to be a great factor for buying.

It has just one output port with outpower specification as 5.1V2.4A 9V/12V15W MAX.

The dimension of this powerbank is 130 * 71 * 14.1mm. You can easily carry this power bank in your jeans pockets.

This powerbank can be easily fully charged in 3.5 hours of time which is decent.

Now come the discussion about the cons.

You can easily make out that the biggest cons is the 10000mah capacity of this power bank which is less as compared to the other powerbank. If your mobile phone battery is of less capacity then you should think of this power bank otherwise not recommended.

If 10000mAh is less as per your requirement then you can opt for the 20,000 mAh model.

PhoneAddons Verdict

Its appearance, design,ultra slim body and fast charging are the most important features of this power bank. If your phone battery is not good then I would totally recommend this power bank.

Best Fitness Bands in India 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

There is technology all around us, be it phones or laptops. And it would be wrong to say that we haven’t been benefited from it. We all have been at some point in our life. Today we are gonna talk about fitness  bands 🙂 

People have been wearing watches for ages now, and it has gone better day by day. From an analog watch to a smart watch, we have seen it all.

But smart bands is a little different than smart watches. We have explained about this later in the article too, so please make sure to read the whole article to exactly the usage of fitness bands or health trackers.

So if you are looking to buy a fitness band lately just keep reading this guide.​

What is a Fitness Band?

Fitness band is essentially a device that helps you in your overall fitness goals . But it doesn’t mean that you cannot buy a fitness band if you aren’t a fitness freak. Maybe you don’t run each morning, it doesn’t matter you can still buy one.​

Fitness band as a Smartwatch

Many people confuse a smartwatch to a fitness band. While a smartwatch can have all the features of a fitness band, a fitness band doesn't have all the features of a watch (in most cases).

Like for example the screen. A smartwatch always have a bigger screen than a regular fitness bands. This means a lot, because display is everything. So if you are looking to book an Uber with your fitness band , you can’t.


But you can still buy a fitness band to use it as a watch. While it might look weird, people wear these. Because most of the fitness bands have a display, and the first thing it shows is the time.​

Most smartwatches cost almost 4 times what a fitness band cost. So if you are low on money buy a fitness band instead.

A common word used to club these two categories is fitness trackers.

Fitness band being a used by Fitness Freak

These attributes are very important to a fitness freak -

  • Calories burnt
  • Heart Rate
  • Distance you ran
  • Steps you took

These stuff are important anyone looking to get fit using a fitness band. But it does much more than these stuff.

We explain all the possible features you can expect out of a fitness band.

Note- Not all fitness bands come with all the features mentioned below

What to look for in a Fitness Band ?


Design is the most important of a fitness band. Whether it has a screen or not, the form factor is very important. A person has to carry fitness band each day , so things like shape, comfort and weight matters. You would not want to buy a very bulky fitness band.

Even though you may be buying it online, I would recommend you to try it in a offline store 🙂

Water proof or no Water proof

You might not swim, but this feature is quite important. You don’t want your favourite smartband getting wet and going bad.

It is very important to the people into water sports and excercises. Most fitness bands come equipped with the feature but make sure you check once.

Note- Not all smart watches provide you with swimming metrics. So, swimmers keep a look.

Fitbit has also come to the party with the Fitbit Flex 2,the first waterproof tracker, which offers you simplified swimming metrics.

There’s a difference between water proof and water resistant.

For example the Fitbit Charge 2 is water-resistant, meaning that it's rain-proof and splash-proof, but I wouldn't recommend showering or swimming with the Charge 2. So make sure the specs.


If we talk about Apple Watch , Apple Watch Series 2 (water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010) may be used for shallow water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean while the Series 1 is just water resistant, don’t take it to the pool.

Note- The IPxx is used by phones mainly. Here the the first digit refers to dust protection and the second digit refers to water protection.

Read more here-

Heart Rate sensor​

​Most band measure the heart rate 24/7 whereas some don’t. It is very important your fitness band does have this if you are looking for accurate readings.

It's actually a huge metric when it comes to your health.

Heart rate tracking on activity bands is now commonplace, providing a big boost in accuracy in terms of the calorific burn from your day.​

Wearable Blog 

Charge 2 by Fitbit comes with a 24/7 heart rate sensor.

Screen (a good thing or a bad)​

If you go back 2-3 years, none of the the fitness band had a screen but lately most of them have one. So, should you buy a fitness band with a screen or not?

Let’s find out.It depends. If you want to see real time data, then you should one with screen. It is always great to keep a note of the time. But a small screen such as 1.25 inch is more than enough 🙂


The application that comes with smart band is also essential. It is important to get most out of your smart band. It should be user friendly and should show the correct data .

The mobile application that comes with your fitness band is a vital part of the equation, letting you crunch through your data, set goals, challenge your friends and so on.

Battery life

Battery is crucial. Nobody likes to charge their devices twice or thrice a day. Charging a phone wasn’t enough that there comes another device.

There a basically two types of battery equipped in a fitness band -

  • One which you need to charge every five days
  • One which uses a cell battery that lasts for about 6 months

Is buying a fitness band important?

No, not all. It’s not necessary to add another tech to your closet. It depends on your choice. If you are looking to monitor your health. Let’s say you just need to calculate the distance you walked, wearing a smart band could come handy.

Things like your sleep time and heart rate can monitored using a fitness band.​

Best Fitness/Health Tracker Bands​

Let’s have a look at the best fitness band your money can buy. They come at all the price points.​

1.Mi Band Smart Wristband​

Mi Smartband is still one of the best selling bands on Amazon. Mi makes some great affordable products like the Mi Smart Band.

It sold like hot pancakes when launched 2 years back and still one of the cheapest band on the market. Despite having no screen unlike its successor Mi Band Smart 2 ( we will talk about the band later).


Boasting features such as water resistance and sleep tracker the Fitness band by Mi comes at less than 12$ or seven hundred rupees, it's a steal deal.​

Design of the smartband is quite basic. Comes in a single silver and black colour, you can’t be choosy when it comes to colour options. I am not a fan of the build quality, quite standard but you can’t complain owing to the cheap price.

Mi has never disappointed with their devices and this smartband is no joke.​

Let’s talk about some the amazing feature that the fitness comes equipped with -​

Automatic Unlock- We all know how frustating is to enter the passcode on your mobile again and again , especially when your phone doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor. Don’t worry with this fitness band you can unlock your phone without using a passcode.

Its a sweet feature to have.Anyone else who tries will be prompted to enter a passcode.​

Sleep Tracker- It's a cool features which let’s you monitor your sleep cycle. It measures both the length and the quality of your sleep. Something like deep sleep 🙂

No need to setup anything its automatic.​

Call alerts - Have you missed calls without any reasons? It happens to all of us even when our phone is not in silent mode. You can’t help it.

But with the MI Smartband you get incoming call alert. Your band will vibrate and notify if there’s a message or a call.​

Battery- It houses a 225 mah battery which lasts for more than days together.It comes in some cool funky colours too.

You also get a IPv67 protection. Overall it's a great inexpensive band.​

2.Mi Band 2

MI really makes some great fitness bands. The MI Smart Band 2 is an upgrade to the Mi Band 1 which we earlier talked about.

So if you have extra cash spend you can buy the MI SmartBand 2. It’s one great piece of technology.

The star of the show is the OLED display unlike the first version. This is helpful other than only seeing the time.


Currently out of stock everywhere, you can buy this band from sites like GearBest.

So what has changed when we compare to its previous version?A lot!

The OLED display takes up very less power, the energy-saving feature will allow you to use the tracker for a long time without recharging.

Apart from this it comes with an inbuilt heart rate sensor, which is quite accurate in my testing. There also a new pedometer equipped which helps in accurate readings. Happy running 😛

There’s also a smart reminder which reminds you to walk if you are resting for quite a lot. Weighing at only 68g its light and comfy.

Over 4000 reviews on Amazon is no joke. The smartband is one of the best you will get at this price.

Moreover the software app that it comes with is quite amazing too. Other features like Sleep Tracking and Water Resistance remain constant.

3. Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker

One of the best selling bands on Amazon, meet the Honor Band 3.

It looks amazing, totally different from the fitness bands we talked about earlier. It comes in 3 colours Black, Blue and Orange.

If you are a swimmer, you’ll love the band. The band is water resistant upto 50m which means you can easily take it the next time you swim. There is a custom swimming mode which tracks swim times, calories burned, and more.


Similar to the MI Band 2 it has a optical heart rate monitoring. It houses a M4 chip which supports floating-point operations with an optimized algorithm for 10 different fitness scenarios.

Ignore if it was too technical, only for nerds like me 😛

Honour claims to work for 30 days on a single charge but it mostly depends upon the usage 🙂       It also has the sleep tracking feature like the MI Band 2 . The band tracks 3 types of sleep be it deep or normal and also stores wake up data for analysis later 🙂

It can connect to any phone , just use the Huawei app 🙂

4. Intex Fitrist Cardio Fitness Tracker

​If you are looking for an inexpensive band which also has a LED Screen then the Intex Fitrist Cardio Fitness Tracker is the best option you have.

The design is quite normal, nothing too great. It comes in a single black colour. It is rated as the number one in the Activity Bands section.

Let’s talk about the various features that the fitness bands comes with-


Remote Shutter

With this feature you can control the camera of your phone wirelessly using the phone. You can enable the feature using the Intex application.​

MP3 Control

We all know how cumbersome it is change music every time, but using the band you can change the music without the need of turning your mobile on.

Heart Rate Monitor

Getting a band equipped with heart rate sensor at this price might be difficult. You can easily monitor your heart rate at any time. A healthy heart means a healthy you.


You can easily monitor calls and messages through your band. You also get notified for facebook message and whatsapp too.

The Intex Fitrist also tracks your calories. You can set a goal using the application so that you will be able to work on your fitness goals.​

It also tracks your sleep and steps as well. Overall the band is great at the price point.​

5. Fastrack Reflex Smart Band

Every watch company is stepping into the fitness band game and Fastrack is no exception.

The Fastrack Reflex band comes in multiple colours (black & red, blue & orange, purple & black).

It comes with a 0.91 inch LED Screen. The screen displays also the current battery level.

You don’t get a heart rate sensor equipped with this one. So person looking for it can skip this one.​

It is a little bulky band and you wouldn’t want to buy this band for its looks. Though Fastrack is a great band for the teens and they make some great products the Fastrack Reflex at a price point of two thousand rupees.

It’s only splash proof so you wouldn’t want to go swimming with band. Even though the brand is one people can trust but the first iteration has failed to impress.

It’s a big no from my side. You're better off buying the Intex Fitrist Band.

We even faced issues connecting the band with the Fast Track Application. But an update fixed the issue.The application is mediocore too. The band’s battery is star of the show but all the other features is shit :(​

6. Lenovo HW01 Smart Band

Only available on Flipkart the Lenovo HW01 Smart Band is one of the best looking and rated band available on the market.

Let’s see why if it is worth its hype.

First of all the design of the band is quite unique and feels very light on the hand. It comes only is black colour.

It looks like Lenovo managed to add all the features into the HW01 Smart Band.

The band’s material is skin-friendly, it uses imported high-quality material and is highly resistant to abrasions.

You need not charge the band often because it comes equipped with a low-power Bluetooth chip. The 3D acceleration sensor give you precise readings and ensure that this band is energy efficient.

You can also use the band to sign into Whatsapp, Facebook etc.For selfie freaks you can use the band wirelessly to click your photos on your smartphone. All other features like sleep monitoring and music control.

Overall the band is quite popular and it deserves the hype.

7.GOQii Fitness Band

Among the many popular fitness bands, GOQii Fitness Tracker is the only one to come with an inbuilt charger. The company claims that it is the best selling fitness tracker in India.

Let’s see if it's really true.

First talking about the price,coming at only 1899 INR this fitness band from GOQii is very cheap for the features it provides.

If we talk about the features of this device , it has a heart rate monitor, step-distance-calorie counter, SMS, WhatsApp notifications and auto sleep. If you are looking for a health tracker then this the perfect choice for you. There is also a sports mode which continuously tracks your heart rate.

This fitness tracker doesn't come with a separate charger. USB integrated charger present on band. Connect with any USB port be it a laptop, power bank or any mobile charger for charging; separate charger is not required.

The company provides personal coach to monitor your vitals. GOQii coach help identify factors which cue your habits and also help suggest scientifically proven techniques to shift your habits for the better.

GOQii is one of the world’s leading Health & Lifestyle Coaching platform. I think you don’t have a better choice here. If you are serious about maintaining your health, GOQii is the way to go. More than just a fitness band it is complete package.

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Fitness Bands come at a very reasonable cost and are a great alternative to Smart Watches. Even if you are not a fitness freak you can buy the band to monitor the notification and calls.

You can also you use it as a band. It is a great accessory for your phone.

We will keep adding the best fitness bands in India.